A well-organized corporate event such as Seminars or Conferences say a lot about the Organization. We create the ambience to depict the theme of such event. At Sparkling World, we are more particular about the planning and organization of an event, we must cross all our ‘Ts’ and dot all our ‘Is’.

This is our greatest area of strength in delivering a well-organized event. All our ushers are briefed on clients’ expectation prior to the event. Our ushers are to ensure that guests are well attended to with warmth and respect. We have a monitoring team that supervises the activities of the ushers to ensure there are no gaps during and after the event. 

Ushering Services 

This is a one in a lifetime celebration. Both the bride and groom look forward to it and ready to give everything within their capacity to ensure it turns out well.  We at Sparkling World, make it our responsibility to plan and organize a seamless and memorable event to the admiration of our clients and their guests.

We know -- it's hard not to be intimidated by the over-the-top parties some kids have these days. But there's no need to spend tons of money or time to plan an amazing event. The best parties are totally personal, so think about what your child loves -- whether it's blocks, baseball, puppies, or princesses -- and go from there as you brainstorm games, cake ideas, and goody bags.

End of Year Parties

At Sparkling World, we provide all you need for party set-ups for both children and adult parties including decorations for all kinds of events.  


Birthday Celebrations 

Rental Services

Whao! Perfect time for companies to show their appreciation to their employees. At Sparkling World, we plan both Corporate and family's end of year parties. It’s usually a blast to round off the year. 

Corporate Events